How many people for every panda?


How many people are there in the world for every panda? How many fish for every bird? How many ants for every krill? How many ducks for every elephant?

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether a number is big or small. There are 3 million whales in the world, but is that a lot of whales or only a few?

Perhaps it helps to know that there are 22 whales for every hippopotamus and 35 hippopotamuses for every tiger. Or perhaps not.

Either way, this sequence takes you through a variety of animals, from endangered pandas to all-too-common bacteria, then lets you loose to answer such burning questions as the one in the title.


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A summary of the data used in this presentation is shown below for easy reference


Giant Panda – 1,800

Tiger – 3,890

Polar bear – 25,000

Common Hippopotamus – 136,000

Common chimpanzee – 228,000

Elephant – 500,000

Moose – 1.5 million

Great Whales – 3 million

Mallard Duck – 17 million

Dometic horse – 58 million

Rock Dove – 260 million

Dog – 400 million

Domestic Cattle – 1.4 billion

Human – 7.35 billion

Domestic Chickens – 18.6 billion

Bird – 300 billion

Fish – 3.5 trillion

Antarctic Krill – 500 trillion

Ant – 30 quadrillion

Insect – 1019

Bacteria – 5 × 1030


First published 30 January 2017

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